Quality of a roof access hatch


| 24-10-2016

The quality of a roof access hatch can be evaluated in various ways, such as in terms of the susta

Roof access hatch maintenance


| 04-10-2016

As Staka’s roof access hatches are produced using sustainable stainless steel and applied with a

Standards for ladders and stairs


| 30-09-2016

Roof access hatches provide access to flat roofs for inspection and maintenance of the roof or of e

Distinguish between Staka and roof access hatches of other suppliers


| 28-09-2016

It is very easy to compare different suppliers based on the most essential aspects you should look

Recycling and reuse in the construction sector


| 15-09-2016

Earlier, we discussed developments in the field of sustainability within the construction sector



| 05-09-2016

Nowadays, everyone accepts that sustainability is the order of the day. And those who still claim t

Construction strength of roof access hatches


| 30-08-2016

Worldwide, we can notice an increase in the number of buildings constructed above a height of 70 me

Installing a roof terrace


| 24-08-2016

With living space at a premium, it is no surprise that there are more and more roof terraces in den

Draughtproofing and waterproofness of access hatches


| 23-08-2016

Professional roof access hatches provide the safest way of accessing flat roofs. The roof access ha

Sound insulation of a roof access hatch


| 16-08-2016

Sounds are everywhere, all the time, even at times and in locations where they not wanted. Unwanted

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