About us

Staka is one of the biggest suppliers of professional and residential roof access systems in Europe. We supply to our customers throughout Europe through different local offices with local representatives that provide fast and reliable service. The roof access systems provide safe and reliable access to flat roofs. The glazed roof hatches are sleekly designed and offer the most comfortable way of accessing the roof terrace or getting natural daylight in through the roof.

Innovative roof access systems

Staka has grown from a small factory in The Netherlands to a worldwide supplier through smart, inventive, roof access systems that stand apart from what the competition offers and offer greater convenience and cost savings for the customer. Read more about our history here. We thrive for roof access systems with the highest thermal insulation value for minimizing heat loss. This progressive attitude when it comes to sustainable design and the ambitious culture of the company has ensured that the roof access systems are now the best in its kind. We will continuously strive for product, production and process improvement and optimization.As a result we can offer the best price / quality ratio in the market with roof access systems that have the highest thermal insulation value, amongst other quality specifications.

Online roof access systems and roof lights

We continuously aim to extend the amount of product support services for our roof access systems and roof lights. This has caused us to incorporate an online environment in our website for our customers to easily configure quotes and place orders online. We also provide easy to use spec sheets, 2D and 3D drawings that are easily incorporated into the architectural drawings.

Installation of roof access systems

Because the we integrate our ladders and stairs with the roof hatches, the end result is always a complete roof access sytem that provides safe access to flat roofs up to a slope of 40 degrees. All the roof access systems are easy to install and are delivered with a 10 year warranty.