Roof Hatch

Staka offers sustainable and high-quality roof hatches for safe and convenient roof access.


Staka Roof hatches: durable, high-quality products for safe and convenient roof access.

A roof hatch from Staka provides entry to flat and slightly sloping roofs (max. 40 degrees). A roof hatch can be used to gain access to installations or equipment placed on the roof, for instance for maintenance and inspections, but also to gain access to a rooftop terrace or let (more) natural light into the house when a glazed roof hatch is installed.

Roof hatch for flat roof

The safest way to enter a roof is through the roof itself instead of going up several stories, unprotected, via a ladder on the outside of the building. Whereas entering through a roof hatch would only mean a climb of one storey. For a complete roof access system, Staka advises to combine a roof hatch with a ladder or stairs. 

A glazed roof hatch

A roof hatch with a glass window is primarily designed for residential buildings, to create a luxurious way of entering the roof top terrace and letting natural daylight into the room. A glazed roof hatch form Staka is electrically operated. This creates a perfect living or working environment in the room.

Price of an insulated roof hatch

Staka offers a fully online system where you can configure your roof hatch, request the price quote and immediately see the full quote and download it to a PDF file. You can look up the quote at a later time using your login and request a new quote or order the quote you received. Of course, you can always contact Staka's sales representative on +44 (0)1789 330 558 or e-mail us at:



Staka Roof Access hatches are suited for a wide range of applications like offices buildings, apartment complexes, commercial buildings or residental buildings to offer access to a rooftop terrace.

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