Features of a Staka roof access hatch

Anything installed on the roof needs to be perfect: that's Staka's starting principle. A roof access hatch needs to be able to endure a lot: sun, wind, rain, hail, and snow. It lies exposed to the elements and needs to be able to withstand them as even a minor defect can quickly result in costly repair bills.

Our roof access hatches are user friendly - convenient, but even more importantly: safe. They require little maintenance and can stand the test of time. With an efficient production line, we are able to keep our prices competitive.

What are the distinctive characteristics of a Staka roof access hatch? The difference can be seen in the thermal insulation, sound insulation, windproofing and waterproofing, and construction strength. The KOMO certification awarded underlines the high quality of our products.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation plays a key role in the improvement of the sustainability of buildings. The goal is to optimize the interior climate with as little energy consumption as possible. Big steps forward have already been made in the field of insulation, and progress is ongoing.

Staka's own production line makes it possible to apply useful innovations quickly, for instance in the fields of insulation materials and construction technology. Staka roof access hatches are among the best insulated on the market. For further information about thermal insulation>

Sound insulation

Sound from outside that is audible inside can be a perceived as a nuisance. The opposite is also true: noise produced indoors can disturb people in the surrounding area. Sound insulation is often not seen as a priority in a purchase decision. In practice, however, noise from elsewhere proves to be a source of irritation. Staka therefore takes sound insulation very seriously.

All Staka roof access hatches have sounds insulation for a minimum of 20 dBA, which is more than adequate for most buildings. However, there are situations in which a greater degree of sound insulation is desirable, for instance in noisy environments such as beside a railway station. We therefore offer roof access hatches with sound insulation up to 43 dBA – and that makes a world of difference in a working or living environment. For further information about sound insulation>

Windproofing and waterproofing

Wind results in a difference in atmospheric pressure between the inside and outside of the roof access hatch. That can push moisture inside. It is important that the hinged cover remains immovably connected to the upstand. Any hole that forms will lead to moisture penetration.

Staka roof access hatches are windproof and waterproof thanks to a high-quality rubber seal, which is compressed evenly by the hinged construction. The drainage lip prevents water remaining in places where it could cause damage. For further information about windproofing and waterproofing>

Construction strength

We don't make any compromises; we opt for sustainable and strong materials. The choice of material is a decisive factor in the quality. Smart designs mean we reduce wastage and keep the end product as light as possible.

Engineers from an independent engineering firm perform the calculations for our designs. They have determined that the maximum load for our roof access hatches is 4,800 kg/m2. Our products therefore more than meet the requirements of the standard EN 1991. For further information about construction strength>