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Roof hatch with glass

A roof terrace is the finishing touch to your enjoyment of your home. Outdoor space is a valuable commodity: it's where you can enjoy the sunshine and really relax. The great feeling starts when you open the hatch to your terrace. 

This roof access hatch was designed for roof terraces. This objective determined every step of the design and development process. The result is spacious, inviting and durable.

Advantages roof hatch with glass

A roof access hatch with glass offers a number of advantages. The most self-evident and most important is the incidence of sunlight. The natural light makes the room below an even more pleasant space, and makes the access to the roof terrace extra inviting.

You open your glazed roof access hatch with just a touch of a button: either with a switch at the bottom of the stairs or with a remote control unit. The electrically-operated roof access hatch with glass can be opened fully or partially. This provides ventilation on a warm day.

Access to the roof terrace

The roof access hatch with glass offers a generous opening (2400x900 or 1800x900 mm) and is generally installed above a fixed staircase.

Installation of roof access hatch with glass

A roof access hatch with glass comprises two large parts: the upstand and the cover. The upstand is the part that you install on the roof. The cover is the part that closes off the upstand. When used as a point of access for the roof terrace, the covers are fitted with glass. Your Staka roof access hatch with glass will be delivered as a complete package, along with clear installation instructions and all the necessary parts.

Technical specifications

  • Material, frame: Stainless steel
  • Colour, interior: RAL 9005
  • Colour, exterior: RAL 9005
  • Glass: Double glazing with fall protection
  • Installation: Suitable for roof pitches between 0 to 15 degrees Attached using the roof access hatch mounting flange.
  • Thermal insulation glass: U = 1,1 W/m²K
  • T-value (daylight access): 72%
  • G-value (solar heat): 43%
  • Load-bearing capacity: ± 200 Kg/m2
  • Weight: ± 250 Kg

Electrical operation:
Every Staka roof access hatch can be fitted with an electrical operation mechanism. The roof access hatch is then fitted with two electrical motors with thermal protection and connected to the mains electricity. The operating module is fitted with an emergency power supply to allow the cover to be opened and closed in the event of a power cut.

Electrical roof access hatches by Staka are supplied ready-for-use and are easy to connect. Once the roof hatch has been installed on the roof, connect the plug to the mains electricity supply and the hatch is ready for use.
Only electrically operated roof access hatches from Staka are supplied with a remote control unit and an operation console on the roof hatch itself. The cover can be stopped in any desired position.
The operating module features extra connection points as standard which your installer can use to connect the roof access hatch to an alarm system, fire alarm system, smoke detector, rain sensor or storm alarm, to name a few examples. The controls of the roof access hatch can therefore be programmed in line with your own wishes.
  • 1800x900 mm
  • 2400x900 mm


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Roof terrace with roof access hatch

Roof terrace

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