Electrical operation

Electrical operation of roof hatches

Roof access hatches are fitted with electrical operating mechanisms for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the comfort and convenience; an electrically-operated roof access hatch can be opened and closed very easily using a remote control unit. The simplicity with which the roof access hatch can be opened creates comfortable and convenient access to the roof.

A second reason why roof access hatches are equipped with electrical operating mechanisms is that the roof access hatches are sometimes used for ventilation and/or smoke discharge purposes. In such situations, there is the possibility of connecting the control box of the roof access hatches to an external control system, whereby the roof access hatches can be opened and closed from a central control point.

The final reason why roof access hatches may be fitted with electrical operating mechanisms is the weight of the cover. A roof access hatch cover may be too heavy to open and close by hand due to its size or the incorporation of a glass plate. In order to ensure the user-friendliness of the roof access hatch, the roof access hatch is fitted as standard with an electrical operating mechanism, thus preserving comfort and convenience when accessing the roof.

Configuration of electrical operating mechanisms of roof access hatches

The electrical operating system of the roof access hatch consists of:

  • A control box in splash-proof plastic casing with internal power supply, emergency battery, and control switch.
  • Two motors with connection cables that can be hooked up directly to the control box. The motors and cables are already installed in the roof access hatch.
  • One remote control unit for the wireless operation of the control box. This remote control unit can be found in the control box.

Control box
The control box has a plastic casing housing an internal power supply, emergency battery, and control switch. A maximum of two motors can be connected to the control box.

The control box can be operated by means of an UP-DOWN switch on the outside of the control box and by means of the remote control included with the control box. It is also possible to connect an external system to control the roof access hatch. You can find further information on this in the manual.

Emergency battery
The control box has an internal power supply with an emergency battery. The control box is supplied with the emergency battery already connected. The emergency battery must first be charged for 24 hours before it is possible to make use of the battery's full capacity and functionality. We recommend replacing the emergency battery every two years as a preventative maintenance measure in order to be sure that it functions properly when needed.

The control box comes with the mains electricity supply cable and connection cables for the motors as standard. The mains electricity supply cable has a moulded Europlug for connection to the mains electricity supply. The connection cables between the control box and the motors have connections with pull relief at the end. The roof access hatch is supplied with a mounted extension cable as standard. This extension cable is to be used between the motor and the control box. It is unfortunately not possible to further extend the extension cable.

The motors have a thermal safeguard which switches them off automatically in the event of overload. In addition, the motors are maintenance-free and guarantee a long lifespan free of defects.

  • Electrically-operated roof access hatch
  • Electrically-operated roof access hatch
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