Ordering a Staka roof access hatch

We'd be happy to explain to first-time customers how we process quote requests and roof access hatch orders.

Feel free to contact us by calling 01789 330558 if something is unclear or if you would like more information.

Online quote request

To help you find out which roof access hatch meets your requirements, we have put together an overview of our roof access hatches under Products. In the article choose the right roof access hatch, we help you to find the right roof access hatch for your needs.

Once you have a pretty good idea of what you need, you can request a quote online in four simple steps that are designed to give you more clarity. How to request a quote:

  • Click on get instant quote.
  • Choose the type of roof access hatch.
  • Specify the dimensions.
  • Select the options you would like.
  • Enter your e-mail address.

We will send you our quote in less than one minute.

Once you've requested a quote, we will set up a personal account for you on our website in which we store all of your requested quotes. Each request is then supplemented with useful downloads such as 3D drawings and installation instructions. If you have any questions, you can respond to the quote directly via your account.

If you're happy with the quote and everything is clear, then accept the quote online or via e-mail to convert your request into an order.

Processing your order

Once we've received confirmation of the quote, we will prepare your order for dispatch. Standard roof access hatches are usually supplied from existing stock, while larger orders and customized roof access hatches are processed as quickly as possible. The name Staka is a guarantee of high-quality materials, smart solutions, and meticulous finishing. All of our roof access hatches are produced in our own factory in Oosterhout, the Netherlands.

Delivery time for roof access hatches

We usually deliver standard sizes from existing stocks, often within two working days.

We need a little more time to produce customized roof access hatches, but can usually determine the delivery time once the dimensions and options have been established. Feel free to contact an adviser and request an estimate by using the chat function or calling 01789 330558.


Standard and customized roof access hatches

Staka's broad range encompasses roof access hatches for homes, offices, warehouses, and factories. We have a large selection of standard sizes. For those looking for a unique solution for their roof access hatch, Staka can provide the answer. Thanks to our creative product developers and in-house production line, we can take on any challenge.


Order a roof access hatch with matching stairs

We offer roof access hatch and stairs combinations for hatches that see a lot of use. Staka's stairs perfectly match our roof access hatches. We have developed useful solutions for mounting retractable ladders, extension ladders, and fixed stairs, saving time on the construction site and avoiding errors during installation.


Product information sheets, specifications, and 3D models

Ordering a roof access hatch from Staka means you have everything you need. You can download product information sheets, specifications, and 3D models for all of our products. We also send you easy-to-follow installation instructions, and our advisers are always happy to provide assistance over the phone.