Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

In addition to the achievement of our goals as a company, we believe it is important to be socially involved and work for a better world. We do this not only by investing in new production methods and machines and developing new products, but also by investing in society. Through effective corporate citizenship, we hope to improve the quality of life in our community. For this reason, we support various charities that go about this in a professional way.

Supported charities

Some of the charities we have supported in the past include Oxfam Novib and DPJ, a foundation that educates young people about the dangers of drug use. Through Oxfam Novib, we were able to use microfinancing to provide financial support directly to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Like us, these entrepreneurs focus on improving the products they offer through product development and process improvement – albeit on a significantly smaller scale, of course. For instance, we enabled a baker in a developing country to invest in new ovens. By our standards, this investment is small, but the impact for entrepreneurs like this is huge.

We also supported DPJ in providing lesson packs about drugs and drug use prevention at secondary schools. Our contribution enabled the foundation to develop a drug use prevention lesson pack. We also support research into new projects.

Other initiatives

We like to support a variety of projects and are always happy to discuss new initiatives. Do you know of a charity that you think suits Staka's values? Send an e-mail to us. Can you think of other ways we can express our desire to get involved in social causes? Or do you have an idea for collaboration or projects in this area? We want to hear from you.