Choose the right roof access hatch

Staka makes roof access hatches for practically every building, ranging apartments and offices to factories and distributions centres. If you are eager to find the most suitable roof access hatch for your situation, then we would be more than happy to help you compare roof access hatches so that you can find the best solution.

Here are the aspects you should bear in mind when choosing a roof access hatch:

  • The building and situation (style)
  • The desired size (use)
  • The height of the ceiling (access)

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The building and situation

Staka manufactures designer roof hatches with glass for those who are looking for roof access hatches as an access point to a roof terrace. These luxury roof access hatches fill the room with light and provide an inviting way to access the roof. If luxury and appearance are your priorities when choosing a roof access hatch, then this is the crowning feature of your apartment or office!

If you are using the roof access hatch for inspections, maintenance, and repairs on the roof, then we recommend going for a functional roof access hatch. A safe and sustainable option, these roof access hatches combine minimal maintenance requirements with a long life and maximum insulation value.

If the roof access hatch is going to be installed at a prominent location in the office, we recommend choosing the Staka roof access hatch with retractable ladder. This design means the roof retains its usual flat construction, giving it a smooth and subtle appearance in comparison with other roof access hatches.

The size of the roof access hatch

When choosing the size of the roof access hatch, first take account of the construction of the roof and the available space for the hatch. This determines which sizes are suitable for your situation.

The next step is to consider how you would like to access the roof. This could vary from regular inspections to one-off access in the event of an emergency. Another consideration is what objects you are going to take onto the roof. These could range from small tools to large devices.

Roof access hatches with an inside dimension of 900 x 700 mm and 900 x 900 mm are large enough if you only need to access the roof on occasions for maintenance work or roof installations. If you plan on accessing the roof more regularly, we recommend choosing a larger format of roof access hatch measuring from 1400 x 700 mm to 2400 x 900 mm.  

Staka makes roof access hatches in five standard dimensions from 900 x 700 mm to 2400 x 900 mm. However, we also make customized roof access hatches to cater to other specifications or existing situations (often renovation projects).

Roof access hatch with retractable ladder

If there is a fixed staircase in the way, then the most user-friendly option is the roof access hatch with retractable ladder. This is a strong version of the well-known loft ladder that folds up into the hatch. The retractable ladder fits into a maximum ceiling height of 3250 mm and into a roof access hatch with a width of 700 mm and a length of 900 or 1400 mm.

Features of a retractable ladder

  • Staircase is neatly stored away
  • Quick access to hatch
  • Ceiling retains smooth appearance

Roof access hatch with extension ladder

An alternative to the retractable ladder is the roof access hatch with extension ladder. This is a separate ladder that you slide out and hook on to the roof access hatch. When the extension ladder is not in use, you can hang it on the wall near the roof access hatch or store it in the shed. 

Features of an extension ladder

  • Suitable for every height and dimension
  •  Low purchasing costs