CE marking roof hatches

The EU Construction Products Regulation took effect on 1 July 2013. According to this regulation, all construction products must bear a CE marking within a few years.

Is a CE marking required for every construction product?

A CE marking is not yet required for all construction products, but within a few years every construction product will have to be given a CE marking for construction products. In conformity with the Construction Products Regulation, a CE marking is required if there is a harmonized European standard for that particular product.

Are roof access hatches also required to have a CE marking?

Roof access hatches are not yet required to have a CE marking. This is because there is not yet a harmonized European standard for this product. In the meantime, our roof access hatches naturally bear the KOMO quality mark. We are of course interested in this topic, and we have therefore investigated the process by which a product receives a CE marking. Further information on the CE marking can be found here.

KOMO certification

Construction products and processes that bear recognized KOMO certification satisfy the requirements set on the basis of the Dutch Buildings Decree as well as the modern quality demands of the market. In order to gain the quality statement - KOMO certification - for a product, you need to have the performance of the product tested by an independent testing institute, in this case SKG.

KOMO certification for roof access hatches

Staka's roof access hatches have been awarded the KOMO certification quality mark. SKG carried out tests on Staka's roof access hatches pursuant to the assessment guidelines for roof access hatches. You can find the outcomes of these tests relating to various NEN and EN standards in the KOMO certification.

KOMO certification for roof access hatches