Knob cylinder available for every roof hatch

Staka roof access hatches are fitted with a two-point closure as standard. This ensures good closure and simple operation.

Successful participation at the BouwBeurs 2011 trade show

The International BouwBeurs trade show was held at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht exhibition centre from 6 to 12 February. At our spacious stand in hall 11, we presented our new...

Staka supports entrepreneurs in developing countries

Besides achieving our goals, we consider it important as a company to be social involved and to make efforts to improve things in the world. We have therefore opted to...

Receive an offer online in two minutes!

You - the client - are our top priority at Staka. In order to be able to assist you quickly, Staka has further developed and improved the online roof access hatch...

Staka roof access hatches: Greater convenience!

Besides high quality, Staka is keen to offer you greater convenience! The renewed roof hatch installation instruction manual provides you with this convenience.

Roof access hatch & roof terrace!

The professional journal for the roofing sector, Roofs, features an article in its June edition on multifunctional roofs/roof terraces. A Staka roof hatch is a safe and...

STAKA Roof Hatches - available in several languages!

In addition to our detailed website in Dutch, STAKA has recently set up websites in English, French, and German, providing information about STAKA roof hatches.

Staka further develops production process for roof hatches!

The optimisation of a production process is a step that brings many advantages. Staka has taken this step, and as a result the production process for roof hatches has...

Staka Roof Hatches at BouwBeurs 2013

The Internationale BouwBeurs is an international construction trade fair held at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht exhibition centre every two years, acting as a meeting place for...

Smart roof access hatches and roof access points

Staka roof access hatches are used to create safe access points to flat roofs. Invisible from the ground but essential for inspecting and performing maintenance on the...

Staka goes social: Facebook and LinkedIn

Staka can now also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn. On Facebook we try to respond to current developments and events on the shop floor in a light-hearted and fun...

Safe access to the roof with a Staka roof access hatch

A professional journal for the roof industry has devoted significant attention to a safe and healthy working environment within which to perform maintenance work on roofs...

Reducing failure costs with 3D models of Staka roof access hatches

In addition to the complete documentation, two-dimensional CAD drawings, and specifications available for Staka’s roof access hatches, 3D models are now also...

CE - Marking

The EU Construction Products Regulation took effect on 1 July 2013. According to this regulation, all construction products must bear a CE marking within a few years - but...

Saving energy with the new roof sheet with crushed white slate

The Belgian company Derbigum, the parent company of Derbigum Nederland B.V., specializes in energy-saving and energy-producing roofing materials. The company, which was...


In April Staka took part in one of the biggest building trade exhibitions in Europe.  After personally inviting a large group of architects and builders we've had the...

A brighter future for the construction industry

The construction industry is feeling good about the future with more than 80% of respondents in a major new survey reporting a positive outlook for the next 18 months at...

The European construction market - a look forwards

Source: The NBS, Adrian Malleson, Head of Research and Analysis The UK, the third largest construction market in Europe, looks to be entering a period of sustained...

UK sales office

In June this year we moved the UK sales office to the Warwick Enterprise park in Wellesbourne. With Phil and Andy we have two experienced sales agents who are ready to...

London Design

First staged in 2003, the London Design Festival is one of the world's most important annual design events. The Festival programme is made up of over 300 events and...

The Green Deal is a disappointing failure

A Parliamentary committee has attacked the Government’s running of the sinking Green Deal and called for an urgent overhaul of the scheme’s incentives and marketing...

New: Roof access hatch with zero heat loss

Staka goes for sustainable innovation with Staka TopAccess Up until now, a roof access hatch has meant a downgrade in a building's sustainability credentials....