Important Announcement: Staka Roof Access Hatches will exit the UK Market from 1-2-2024

After careful consideration, Staka Roof Access Hatches has decided to exit the UK market. Active operations in the UK market will stop from 1st February 2024. Our UK office...

Tips for Energy-Efficient Construction Projects

Energy efficiency is no longer just a buzzword; it's a smart choice with a significant impact on sustainability and cost-effectiveness in your construction projects. At...

Unlock elevated access with Staka Roof access hatches

Searching for the ultimate roof access solution? Look no further! With over 50 years of expertise, we specialize in providing safe, convenient and comfortable access to...

How to properly maintain your Staka Roof Hatch to ensure longevity

Regular maintenance of your Staka roof access hatch is crucial to ensure the longevity and functionality. In this post, we will be discussing the proper cleaning,...

From Universities to Apartment Buildings: Staka's Versatile Roof Hatch Solutions

The use of Staka roof hatches in commercial and industrial buildings offers a range of benefits to building owners and occupants. These roof hatches are designed to provide...

Understanding the Causes of Condensation on Roof Hatches: A Guide to Prevention

As we have outlined in our previous blog, ventilation is a critical aspect of building design, as it can greatly impact the indoor air quality and temperature. When it...

Why choose a Glazed Roof hatch?

Glazed roof hatches are the perfect solution for providing natural lighting and ventilation in a space that would otherwise be dark and cramped, as well as providing ideal...

Understanding Condensation and the Importance of Proper Ventilation in Buildings

Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining healthy indoor air quality and preventing condensation in buildings. Inadequate ventilation can lead to a buildup of indoor...

(Glazed) roof hatch or traditional skylight?

Are you considering adding natural light and ventilation to your home or office? Then you may be wondering whether you opt for a (Staka) roof hatch (with glass) or...
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Tips for safe roof access

Safe access to the roof – for your own employees or for third parties – is absolutely essential when it comes to providing a safe working environment. I have therefore put...
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What is a roof access hatch?

A roof access hatch allows access to a flat roof, sort of like a door to your roof. You open the cover of the roof access hatch to gain access to the roof. A roof access...
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The advantages of a roof access hatch


Installing a roof terrace

Rooftop terraces increase the amount of living space, the comfort of your home, and the value of your property.

Quality of a roof access hatch

The quality of a roof access hatch can be evaluated in various ways, such as in terms of the sustainability and recyclability of the product.
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Roof access hatch maintenance

As Staka’s roof access hatches are produced using sustainable stainless steel and applied with a high-quality, protective powder coating, the roof access hatches are...
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Standards for ladders and stairs

Roof access hatches provide access to flat roofs for inspection and maintenance of the roof or of equipment installed on the roof.
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Distinguish between Staka and roof access hatches of other suppliers

It is very easy to compare different suppliers based on the most essential aspects you should look out for when purchasing a roof access hatch.

Recycling and reuse in the construction sector

Earlier, we discussed developments in the field of sustainability within the construction sector and what this means for the production and use of roof access hatches.
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Construction strength of roof access hatches


Draughtproofing and waterproofness of access hatches

Professional roof access hatches provide the safest way of accessing flat roofs. The roof access hatch covers the recess in the roof construction, forming a direct...
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Sound insulation of a roof access hatch


Thermal insulating value of a roof hatch

The thermal insulation determines the degree to which cold exterior air can penetrate the building and warm interior air can escape outside. The goal is to achieve an...

Indoor climate not dependent on just insulation values

Two new glass compositions will be introduced at the BouwBeurs this year, which will be used in roof hatches. Most important development?

Guarantee return on solar panels is misleading

Your solar panel supplier will deny almost everything I write in this blog. They operate in a highly competitive market, however, where the price is often the deciding...
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Those who deliver quality build airtight!

Do not ask me why, but in practice I still frequently encounter clients who become anxious at the notion of ‘airtight construction.’ Just recently, for example, as a...
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No longer see the forest for the BIMming...

BIM. Hardly a day goes by that I do not come into contact with it somewhere: on construction news sites, in professional literature, and in mailings from groups like STABU...
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CE marking of construction products

The EU Construction Products Regulation took effect on 1 July 2013. According to this regulation, all construction products must bear a CE marking within a few years – but...