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TopAccess roof hatch in sustainable offices

This job had clear specifications: there needed to be a safe and, most importantly, sustainable mea


Glazed roof access hatches for roof terraces

The collaborative venture between contractor Biermeier Bauwerte GmbH and architectural firm Archite

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Access hatches from STAKA, for high-quality roof access

A Staka roof hatch sets itself apart with a high quality product and pricing for a roof access hatch.

The installation of a roof access hatch has to go smoothly first time. If something is wrong, losses quickly mount up. That's why you should choose a roof hatch with a strong reputation: a Staka. You can then count on a durable product, good service, and a competitive price. The roots of Staka go back to 1956. We have been producing access hatches since 2008. Contractors, architects, and private individuals all know us to be a solid company and a reliable supplier.

Roof access hatch: Better, more convenient, and more beautiful

We aim for the maximum that is achievable. Our product developers are always on the lookout for better materials, smarter solutions, and more beautiful designs. All roof hatches from our factory have a KOMO certificate, and in terms of load-bearing capacity, durability, and insulation, you can expect the best. Are our roof hatches the most beautiful? We think so, but you can judge for yourself.

The roof access hatches in our range can be made complete with a ladder or staircase. A roof access hatch with retractable ladder that can be neatly stowed away. A roof access ladder extension as a practical solution. A safe fixed cage ladder for higher ceilings. A roof access hatch with stairs for frequent use, with a designer or industrial look. These stair and ladder options can be easily affixed to the housing of the access hatch. This makes installation much simpler: you don't have to build a supporting structure and you don't have to drill into the ceiling.

Roof access hatch price

Are you looking at the option of a Staka roof hatch for the first time? We would be happy to inform you about the access hatches that would best suit your wishes. Call us direct on 01789 330558

Curious about the price of a Staka roof hatch? Go straight to our online roof hatch configurator: in just a few clicks, you can request an offer, and you will receive our price within two minutes.

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