Staka offers sustainable and high-quality roof hatches for safe and convenient roof access. Staka’s roots go back to 1956 and we have been developing and producing roof hatches since 2008.

Staka Roof access hatches: durable, high-quality products for safe and convenient roof access.

The quality of our roof hatches is of utmost importance. We continuously search for better materials, smarter solutions and more beautiful designs so our roof access hatches always meet the highest quality standards. Staka TopAccess roof hatches are TÜV certified and meet the highest standards in terms of load-bearing capacity, durability and insulation.

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A Staka Roof hatch:

  • Stainless steel roof hatch with an industry leading insulation value of 0.21 W/m2K
  • Thermally broken construction
  • Gas spring assisted opening and automatic locking of the roof hatch cover in the open position
  • Handrail for support during entry and exit
  • Two-point closure with cylinder
  • Including upstand
  • Tested and certified
  • Can be mounted on all roofs up to a roof slope of 40 degrees*

Staka roof access hatches can be completed with a ladder for easy access to the roof hatch. Combine a Staka roof hatch with a retractable ladder, that can be neatly stowed away in the ceiling or combine with an extension ladder when the roof hatch is less frequently used. The ladders can be attached to the housing of the roof hatch, making installation much easier because there is no need to build an additional supporting structure and drill into the ceiling specifically for mounting the ladder.


* Can differ for certain roof access hatch/ladder combinations


Staka Roof Access Hatches are suitable for a wide range of applications: offices buildings, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, school, hospitals and much more. But they also ideally suited to create access to a rooftop terrace on a residential building.

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A roof access hatch for safe and easy roof access

A roof access hatch in combination with a ladder is a safe and reliable solution for entering a roof space. Depending on the type of ladder, the handrail or steps offer a good grip when climbing up to the roof space.

When at the top of the ladder, the roof access hatch can be easily opened by using the handle to unlock the two-point fastener. The lid is gas spring assisted for quick and easy opening. When the lid is fully opened, it will lock in place, offering a stable and strong grip on the handle when stepping onto the roof.

To eliminate the risk of falling, the lid can be closed, while on the roof by unlocking the gas pressure springs from the open position. The roof hatch lid will not automatically fall into a locked position, so there is no risk of entrapment on the roof.

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