Staka Roof Access Hatches Case Studies

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Staka TopAccess roof hatches with retractable ladder for the 'De Gebroeders' in Eindhoven (NL)

Staka supplied 3 TopAccess roof hatches with retractable ladder for the 'De Gebroeders' project in Eindhoven.
dakluik (medium)-min.jpg

TopAccess Roof hatch with extension ladder for new company building

Through supplying the TOP147 TopAccess roof hatch, Staka has contributed to the functionality and sustainability of the new business premises.

Staka Glazed roof hatches for access to rooftop terrace apartment building

To create access to the rooftop terrace, 3 Staka glazed roof hatches were installed on an apartment building.

TopAccess Roof hatch for hardware store

For a hardware store in the Netherlands, Staka produced a TOP159 TopAccess roof hatch, with a clear width of 1500 x 900 mm.

Staka TopAccess Roof hatches for Feringa Building Groningen (NL)

Last October, Staka produced and supplied five TopAccess Roof Hatches for the Feringa Building in Groningen.
dakluik-dhl (medium)-min.jpg

Roof hatches for a number of DHL branches

Project Location: The Netherlands

Staka Roof hatch for solar panel maintenance

Staka Roof hatch for maintenance and cleaning of solar panels

TopAccess Roof hatch for holiday resort in Germany

In the Botalsee Holiday resort the TopAccess roof hatch was combined with a ladder and hook-up step.
dakluik platdak2-min.jpg

By opting for the TopAccess flat roof hatch, the contractor has chosen the most durable solution available on the market.

Durability is a top priority in the construction of the distribution centre, with the contractor also opting for a durable solution for roof access.

Roof access hatch North London

Aiden Garrity of ADG Interiors purchased a STAKA roof access hatch with retractable ladder for a project in North London
topaccess referentie 2 (medium).jpg

‘This roof access hatch offers the best insulation value. It was as simple as that.’

‘This roof access hatch offers the best insulation value. It was as simple as that.’
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A number of installations, such as air conditioning units, are often placed on the roofs of schools, necessitating access to the roof.

For this project, a roof hatch with ladder was selected for roof access. The ladder was combined with the hook-on step, ensuring that the ladder cannot slip and remains...
dakluik dakonderhoud.jpg

Staka roof access hatch for multifunctional Presentation Centre

A roof access hatch with ladder has been installed on the roof so that maintenance on the roof or roof installations can be carried out safely.
dakluik ladder bedrijfshal-min.jpg

Roof hatch for accessing roofs of industrial buildings

Easy access to your flat roof is very useful when you need to perform a regular inspection of the roof or maintenance to the roof or rooftop installations. Roof hatches...

Glazed roof hatch for Simon Still, Momentum Distribution Ltd

The beautifully decked out terrace in Brixton has been complemented by the installation of a glazed roof hatch.

Glazed Roof Hatch provides access to Rooftop terrace in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, a Staka Glazed Roof Hatch was installed to provide comfortable access to a rooftop terrace. The Roof Hatch was combined with a designer staircase, to create...
daktoegang dakluik.jpg

Staka Roof access hatch for production hall

While renovating the production hall and office, the facade cladding was replaced in order to give the company a new look and feel. Besides the facade cladding, the roofing...

Roof access hatches for data stations

A large number of concrete data stations have been constructed. The concrete suppliers have opted for roof inspection hatches from Staka as access routes to the roofs of...

A roof access hatch was installed to carry out maintenance on the installations on the roof

As part of the construction of a primary school, a Staka roof access hatch was installed to make it possible to carry out maintenance on roof installations or on the roof...
schaartrap voor daktoegang.jpg

Apartment with rooftop terrace

A roof terrace is the ultimate solution for those looking to create a pleasant and relaxing outdoor area in the busy city.

Staka roof access hatch for Lidl

For the new-build premises of Lidl, the construction firm opted for a Staka roof access hatch of the type DL147 (1400x700).

Roof terrace with roof access hatch


Architect finds Staka


Another rooftop terrace in London has been fitted with a Staka roof access hatch

Another rooftop terrace in London has been fitted with a Staka roof access hatch. Located in Kensington, this home offers it's owners a nice view of the city and a...

Staka roof hatch for Facility Point

The Facility Point project installed Staka roof hatch. The roof hatch is without window and has two standard pneumatic springs and an extension ladder.

Roof access hatches for flat roofs on E-Plus offices

Staka has supplied roof access hatches for E-Plus offices in Hamburg and Greifswald in Germany. These roof access hatches for flat roofs contribute to a pleasant indoor...

Property developer chooses Staka


Roof access hatch energy-efficient home

Staka has supplied a roof access hatch with measurements 1500 x 900 mm for a modern, energy-efficient new-build home.

Access hatch for roof renovation

This renovation project used three Staka DL249 roof hatches without windows.

Roof Hatch for residential units

The care facility has installed a Staka roof access hatch. The care facility is a residential care facility providing support to people with a mental disability.

Roof top entrance in Chelsea, London

For a project in Chelsea, London, Staka delivered this stainless steel roof access hatch for a safe entrance to the flat roof.

Inspection hatches

The roofing company working on a fully roof renovation for an industrial building has opted for a Staka DL99 inspection hatch (900x900 mm clear dimension).

Staka roof access hatch for primary school

The new roof of a primary school has been given a Staka roof access hatch to allow safe roof access.

Roof hatches for roof terraces


Staka supplied five electric roof access hatches for Sports centre

This newly constructed sports centre was built with six roof access hatches which allow roof access and serve as ventilation.

Roof hatches at La Trappe brewery

Two Staka roof access hatches were installed on the roof of the La Trappe brewery in Berkel-Enschot (The Netherlands) following the renovation/replacement of the roof.
paul de bruijn planadvies & ontwerp.png

AV-house in Breda


Roof access for solar panels

Staka supplied two roof access hatches equipped with retractable ladders for this project as a means of accessing the roof for the purposes of maintaining and inspecting...

Roof Hatch Hinderibben Hellevoetsluis

A Staka roof access hatch was installed in this historic building during restoration to allow safe roof access.

Shared office hall roof access hatch

Hercuton B.V. has installed a Staka roof access hatch on a shared office hall.
dakluiken kantoor.jpg

Staka Roof Hatch for Rabobank Bank Building

A Staka roof access hatch has been installed at a bank building of the Rabobank in Etten-Leur (The Netherlands) to offer roof access for maintenance activities on the roof...

Villa Breda

Staka supplied a type DL97 roof access hatch for a large new-build residence in Breda (The Netherlands).

Inspection roof for solar panels

To create an access route to the roof, this company has installed two Staka roof access hatches.

Roof terrace


Roof access hatch for air conditioning system maintenance


Loft hatch at redesign loft in Hove

"Brightspace Design & Build Ltd. undertook a loft conversion redesign which required a loft hatch to the roof terrace. Following the decision to reposition the hatch into...