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Roof hatches for a number of DHL branches

Project Location: The Netherlands

Staka Roof hatch for solar panel maintenance

Staka Roof hatch for maintenance and cleaning of solar panels

By opting for the TopAccess flat roof hatch, the contractor has chosen the most durable solution available on the market.

Durability is a top priority in the construction of the distribution centre, with the contractor also opting for a durable solution for roof access.

Roof access hatch North London

Aiden Garrity of ADG Interiors purchased a STAKA roof access hatch with retractable ladder for a project in North London

‘This roof access hatch offers the best insulation value. It was as simple as that.’

A number of installations, such as air conditioning units, are often placed on the roofs of schools, necessitating access to the roof.

Multifunctional Presentation Centre

A roof access hatch with ladder has been installed on the roof so that maintenance on the roof or roof installations can be carried out safely.

Roof hatch for accessing roofs of industrial buildings

Simon Still, Momentum Distribution Ltd

Roof access hatch for production hall

Roof access hatches for data stations

A roof access hatch was installed to carry out maintenance on the installations on the roof

Apartment with roof terrace

Staka roof access hatch for Lidl

Roof terrace with roof access hatch

Architect finds Staka

Another rooftop terrace in London has been fitted with a Staka roof access hatch

Facility Point

Roof access hatches for flat roofs on E-Plus offices

Property developer chooses Staka

Roof access hatch energy-efficient home

Access hatch for roof renovation

Roof Hatch for residential units

Roof top entrance in Chelsea, London

Inspection hatches

Staka roof access hatch for primary school

Roof hatches for roof terraces

Sports centre

Roof hatches at La Trappe brewery

AV-house in Breda

Roof access for solar panels

Roof Hatch Hinderibben Hellevoetsluis

Shared office hall roof access hatch

Roof Hatch Rabobank

Villa Breda

Inspection roof for solar panels

Roof terrace

Roof access hatch for air conditioning system maintenance

Loft hatch at redesign loft in Hove