Fall-through safe roof access hatch

Why is a roof access hatch fall-through safe?

A roof access hatch gives you safe and easy access to a flat roof. But why is a roof access hatch safe? In this article, we’ll try to explain.

Safe roof access

When carrying out maintenance on a roof or roof installations or when enjoying a roof terrace, safety is an absolute priority. In addition to the use of roof safety systems and balustrades, the fall-through safety of roof accesses is extremely important. Roof access comes in different forms, including skylights, roof access hatches, and roof access hatches with glass.

Avoiding the risk of falling

If you go out onto a roof to carry out roof maintenance or to enjoy your roof terrace, it’s essential that you avoid all risk of falling. This can be achieved by installing fencing or a balustrade around the roof access hatch or by closing the cover on the roof access hatch behind you. 

The covers on all Staka roof access hatches can be closed without the roof access hatch locking. Once you are out on the roof, you simply unblock the gas pressure spring and you can push the cover down.

Roof access hatch fall-through safety

A roof access hatch has a sealed cover (made of 100% stainless steel) that is completely free of glass or plastic for privacy. The cover on a roof access hatch features an internal and external cover with insulation in between, creating something that resembles a sandwich panel.

This structure ensures that the covers on Staka roof access hatches are extremely strong and fall-through safe. The roof access hatches have all passed impact tests by SKG-IKOB with flying colours and are TÜV certified.