Nowadays, everyone accepts that sustainability is the order of the day. And those who still claim that global warming is some made-up story are the subject of ridicule. At the same time, we have barely heard a squeak from the few scientists who still had their doubts about the accuracy of the conclusion made by the Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This is the research panel that has concluded that global warming is caused by human activities. The consequences of global warming are evident from rising sea levels, an increase in periods of drought and extreme heat, extreme rainfall, and other phenomena.

In the EU, more than 40% of the final consumption of energy (and therefore of the CO2 emissions) is produced by the housing and services sector. The construction sector plays a role in this, a role that – thankfully – it acknowledges. We notice numerous developments in design, manufacturing, maintenance, construction materials, and construction products that aim to make construction, refurbishment, and maintenance activities more sustainable. For instance, there have been many developments in terms of energy-neutral homes and government grants to support sustainable construction activities. Alongside increasing awareness within the construction sector itself, a second significant stimulus is, of course, the demand from clients for sustainable forms of living and working.

A sustainable roof access hatch

Despite the fact that a roof access hatch is often only a small component of a building, we still do our bit to be environmentally friendly. First, we aim to be smart about how we use energy in our factories. For instance, we have managed to reduce our energy consumption by 25% over the past five years. Additionally, we are looking closely at our purchasing policy, selecting suppliers and partners not only according to price and delivery time, but also in terms of the sustainability of their materials and under which conditions these materials are produced. Our concerns for sustainable construction also drive us to innovate and develop new products. For example, when developing the TopLight roof access hatch, we sought the input of our partners in the construction supply chain. Various architects and external experts then contributed to the development of the most sustainable glazed roof access hatch.

Virtually maintenance-free roof access hatch

A Staka roof access hatch has a guaranteed long service life and provides a virtually maintenance-free solution. In contrast to almost all other products that provide access to a flat roof, the service life of a Staka roof access hatch is equal to that of the building itself. This has been achieved by selecting the right materials, such as stainless steel, and combining these with a high-quality coating and replaceable product components.

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