Featured Project: from design to future-proof office

In January 2015, a fire reduced a large part of the office of KONI Oud-Beijerland to ashes and 344 days after the fire, a new, future-proof office building has been built.

RoosRos Architecten has realized a design for a future-proof office in record time. RoosRos won the pitch in March and an integral design was created in just 15 days. The environmental permit was applied for in May and the contractor was then selected in July. Due to the high construction pace of the construction company Fraanje, the structural work was already completed in October.

The new accommodation for KONI is an integrated design. The appearance of the interior and exterior reflects the high-tech world in which KONI operates. The company, which was founded in Oud-Beijerland, has grown into a world leader in high-quality shock absorbers for the car and transport sector.

Daan Font Freide, architect: “Under the motto 'what you see is what you get' we have designed a business and industrial building. In doing so, the principles of light and spaciousness that are so characteristic of the architecture of the Nieuwe Bouwen have been reverted to - of which the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam is one of the best-known examples.”

In addition to designing the exterior, RoosRos also took care of the interior. Martijn van Leeuwen, architect: “When you enter, you look straight into the two-storey company canteen. This forms the heart of the office and is a dynamic place of meeting and relaxation.”


Roof hatch with extension ladder

Staka supplied a roof access hatch with an extension ladder for this project for safe and easy access to the flat roofs of the office building.

Source: www.roosros.nl & www.fraanje.com