Insulated roof hatch now patented

Building sustainable: the world needs it. Staka is constantly looking for opportunities to make its products more sustainable. With the Staka TopAccess, Staka launched the most sustainable roof hatch on the market in 2017.

The TopAccess is a high-quality insulated roof hatch and has a KOMO certificate and TÜV product certificate. An innovative intermediate profile keeps the stainless steel apart on the inside and outside. Thanks to this innovative design, a roof hatch no longer equates to a heat leak.

The innovativeness of the TopAccess roof hatch has recently been underlined by the Netherlands Patent Office by granting a patent for the roof hatch.


Insulated roof hatch: Most durable in the market

Sustainability and therefore a well-insulated roof hatch is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the sustainability trend, the roof hatch is always the highest point in the building and therefore the place where warm air collects. If a roof hatch is insufficiently insulated or if there is no thermal separation, there is a risk of condensation.

With the TopAccess roof hatch, condensation is excluded due to the innovative thermally separated construction. The insulation value of the roof hatch has been determined by DGMR - an expert in the field of thermal insulation - at U = 0.21 W/m2K, making the TopAccess the best insulated roof hatch on the market.


Looking for an insulated roof hatch?

Staka insulated roof hatches can be used in any situation. Would you like advice on choosing an insulated roof hatch? Then go to our Roof hatch comparison page to find the right roof hatch and access for your situation or contact us directly via or call 0162 763 73.


Cost insulated roof hatch

The costs of an insulated roof hatch depend on the size of the roof hatch, the type of operation and of course the combination with a ladder or stairs. The costs of the Staka roof hatches are between €1100 and €9500. A large bandwidth, suitable for a wide range. For example, we have roof hatches for industrial buildings, functional designs suitable for sporadic maintenance on the roof. To roof hatches for roof terraces, designed with an eye for design and comfort.

Would you like to know more about the costs of a roof hatch? Then go to our roof hatch configurator and request a price for a roof hatch within one minute.