New: Roof access hatch with zero heat loss

Thermally broken construction 

Our design was led by the need to improve the insulation of the roof access hatch. Staka tested materials and constructions to find the most efficient combination. The result is the Staka TopAccess: the first roof access hatch with an effective thermally broken construction.

The pioneering design means the roof access hatch is no longer just a source of heat loss. An innovative intermediate profile separates the stainless steel on the interior and exterior of the roof access hatch, giving the TopAccess its insulation value of U = 0.21 W/m2K.

Premium roof access hatch

The TopAccess is the premium roof access hatch in Staka's collection. The construction can withstand the most severe storms and heaviest downpours. The roof access hatch has been certified according to the KOMO quality label, complies with the provisions in the Dutch Buildings Decree and will last for decades to come.  

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