Saving energy with the new roof sheet with crushed white slate

In response to demand from the market, Derbigum is expanding its range of white roofing. White roofing reflects sunlight, resulting in passive cooling inside the building: In the summer, the temperature can be reduced by 5 °C or more. In addition to the bituminous roofing with the white acrylic coating Derbibrite® NT, and the plant-based variant Derbipure®, there is now also a bituminous version with reflective crushed white slate: DERBICOLOR® FR White. The Derbicolor FR White was launched at the international roofing trade fair Dak Event, held from 21 to 23 January in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.

What are the advantages?

• High-quality APP-TPO bituminous membrane
• Proven usable lifetime of more than 30 years
• Colour-fast white slate with optimum adhesion • Good sunlight reflection
• Fire-resistant
• Ecologically responsible

Cooling effect
Because the white slate reflects sunlight, the temperature of the roof is significantly reduced. This means substantial savings on the costs of cooling the building.

As from 1 January 2013, it is possible to apply for a subsidy for roof insulation in combination with white roofing through the Netherlands' 2013 Energy Investment Allowance (EIA). The EIA is a scheme permitting a deduction of 41.5% from the costs of investments in energy-saving corporate assets. This deduction is in addition to the regular investment tax credit. In addition, in some cases it is possible to take advantage of the MIA and/or VAMIL tax schemes for environmental investments in businesses.

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