Staka supports entrepreneurs in developing countries

Besides achieving our goals, we consider it important as a company to be social involved and to make efforts to improve things in the world. We have therefore opted to support the work of Oxfam Novib as an ambassador.

Oxfam NovibĀ 

Oxfam Novib helps people who are living in poverty in developing countries. Thanks to their microfinancing programme, enterprising people can secure a small loan. This loan gives them the opportunity to set up their own small business and to start building up an independent existence. This allows people to work towards improving their own future and the future of their country. As an ambassador, we support this initiative.

We consider it important not only to supply good-quality products but also to contribute to creating a world without poverty. Poor people are often not able to borrow money from a bank. Thanks to our support, people in developing countries can have the same opportunities as those in more affluent countries. They can set up their own business using a loan and can then work towards achieving an independent existence. Oxfam Novib helps us to communicate our ambassadorship and our social involvement to the outside world.

Tom van der Lee, campaigns director at Oxfam Novib:

'Oxfam Novib is delighted to work with the business world in creating a world without poverty and with equal opportunities for all by giving underprivileged people access to microcredit. Everything that Oxfam Novib does is based on the strength and determination of people themselves. Being able to take care of oneself is essential when building up an independent existence. Moreover, it contributes to the sustainable economic development of a country.'