Can a roof hatch be an electric roof panel?

The roof hatches can be structured as electric roof panels when opting for electrical operation.

As standard the roof hatches are equiped with two strong gas springs for light and easy opening and closing of the cover. For additional comfort the roof hatch can be structured as an electric roof panel when choosing to add the electrical operation. Electric roof panels have two electrical motors with built-in thermal safety, that are pre-mounted to the upstand and cover. The wiring is neatly tucked away in the upstand of the hatch. 


Electric roof panels

The electric roof panels are delivered with a fully insulated upstand and pre-drilled mounting holes for fast and easy installation. Most electric roof panels are provided with a three of four layered glass window and therefore heavy and rely on the electrical motors to open smoothly and safely. The electrical operation consists of not only the motors but is also equipped with a fully pre-wired control box which holds an emergency power supply and extra connections for connecting external operation. For example to connect the electric roof panels to a fire alarm system or a wall switch. An electric roof panel is always supplied with a remote control and the cover can be stopped in any desired position so to not only be used for roof access, but also for ventilation purposes.