What does a roof hatch cost?

Professional roof access hatch

To provide a good answer to this question, we will first describe what a roof access hatch is. When we use the term ‘roof access hatch’ we mean a professional access hatch with a ten-year warranty that serves as a sustainable, cost-effective solution for accessing a flat roof. What we do not mean is hinged skylights that open with a cockspur handle and simple, weak hinges and closures. This latter type, with its weak hinges and stays, is easily damaged by wind and is not suitable for providing regular roof access.


Roof access hatch prices

The prices of roof access hatches vary and largely depend on the dimensions and desired features, but with a few simple choices you can work through our roof access hatch configurator in two minutes, after which you will immediately receive a complete quote with a price for the roof access hatch and accessories such as a ladder or stairs. Quick, easy, and tailored to your situation.

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