Installation loft hatch

What about the installation of a loft hatch?

Loft hatch installation

A hatch to close of the loft with is constructed as a drop down loft access hatch, which means the hatch drops down after whhich you can enter the loft, using a ladder. Staka supplies loft hatches with a retractable ladder built in on top of the ceiling hatch at a low cost. The ladder drops down easily from the loft hatch, supported by two steel springs. Staka does not perform loft hatch installation, as this is easily done by anyone.

The installation of bespoke loft hatches is low cost and does not differ from the above mentioned loft hatch installation. This is because only the ceiling opening is bespoke, the construction of the loft hatch is always the same. Therefore the installationof the loft hatch is the same as well.


Loft hatch installation cost

Price of loft hatch start from £ 200 and can go up to £ 1000, depending on the ceiling openeing size, the material and the supplier. The loft hatch installation cost can be close to zero if you would do it yourself adn this is definitely doable when you're looking to replace an old loft hatch for a new one or when the builder has left a ceiling opening in your new built home. A loft hatch installation can be completed without having in-depth knowlodge of the product or construction works in general. Every loft hatch is supplied with the necessary mounting material, like bolts, ensuring low cost installation for every buyer.