Roof terrace

In constructing this roof terrace, a Staka roof access hatch with window was chosen by the owner of the appartment. The model Hatch with window was chosen in order to be assured of safe access to the roof terrace. The window in the roof access hatch is made of Lexan polycarbonate, allowing daylight to enter into the room below.


Access roof terrace

The benefits of daylight coming in the building are well known. Therefore the roof hatches not only ensure enable to access roof terraces, but also to allow a good amount of daylight to enter from the roof. Exposure to daylight in the morning helps stimulate wakefulness through excretion of cortisol – a natural hormone that helps to heighten memory functions as well as making us more alert. Exposure to daylight in the morning also represses the production of melatonin, which is associated with sleep onset and normally gets produced when it goes dark. Find further information about this glazed roof access hatch.


Get access to your roof terrace

Is your the roof of your city appartment flat? Why not consider building a roof terrace? The advantages are numerous. Not in the least because of the value it will add to your property, but of course also for the beautiful views of the city. To access the roof terrace there are several options oh which a roof access hatch is the most comfortable and stylish option. Because of the construction of the hatch it will always be lower than the railings surrounding the roof terrace for safety. When choosing a fully glazed roof hatch to gain access to the roof terrace the hatch will be opened electrically, using a remote control or wall mounted switch.

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