Architect finds Staka

“My primary goal is to create residential architecture that responds to the uniqueness of each client’s lifestyle, personality, and patterns. I want to create an architecture that establishes a connection to the outdoors, that's simple and direct in expression and material, timeless in spirit, and functional; and that possesses the ability to encourage the user to discover and experience a different facet of the design each and every day.

“While searching the internet for a way to access the roof of a residential project, I found Staka. For this project the roof hatch serves strictly as access for maintenance—cleaning the roof, access to photovoltaic panels and HVAC equipment, etc. Yet the clients have a desire for quality and elegantly designed products, no matter what the circumstances—so I’m sure they will find the Staka products appealing.”

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Others about Staka

"It is such an elegantly designed product for something rather utilitarian"
Daniel Ruark , Architect from Sausalito, California.