Loft hatch at redesign loft in Hove

"Brightspace Design & Build Ltd. undertook a loft conversion redesign which required a loft hatch to the roof terrace. Following the decision to reposition the hatch into the main entrance hall and to provide stair access to the hatch, research into an appropriate product began. Staka appeared on our radar and rapidly became the provider of choice."

High quality and reasonably priced loft hatches

"The product was reasonably priced and practical in its simplicity. The design of the unit is good and the quality of manufacture is high. Ultimately the clients love it which is the most important thing, but we would happily specify this unit again".

Sam Taylor, Owner Brightspace Design & Build Ltd.


Insulated loft hatch for roof access

Staka produces different kinds of hatches to accessing the roof from the loft. The loft is located directly under the roof and therefor ideal for installing a roof hatch. The hatch between the loft and the roof is available as a glazed hatch or as a fully closed hatch with insulation in the cover. The roof hatches are often integrated with a retractable ladder or extension ladder. When combined with these ladders or stairs, the roof can be easily accessed from the loft and a sade entrance to the roof is created.

A loft hatch

A hatch to access a closed off loft that is being used for storage is also possible. We then advise to install a retractable ladder, also called scissor stairs, to not only get a loft hatch but a loft hatch that has the retracted ladder in the casing. The casing will be built in the ceiling opening and when using the operating stick the ceiling cover of the loft hatch will be opened, after which the retractable ladder is visible. Then, using the same operating stick and hooking it over a eye attached to the first step of the ladder, the retractable ladder can be pulled down.

More information on loft hatches

With the square loft hatch open and the ladder extended to the ground you can ascend to the loft in a safe and professional manner. Woud you like to get a quote for one these loft hatches? Plase use the online hatch configurator on our website and after 2 minutes you receive a quote complete with the relevant documents like spec sheets and drawings in PDF and CAD formats. All files can also be instantly downloaded from our downloads page.

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“Staka rapidly became the provider of choice.”
Sam Taylor , Owner Brightspace Design & Build Ltd., Brighton