Roof access hatch for primary school

As part of the construction of a primary school, a roof access hatch was installed to make it possible to carry out maintenance on roof installations or on the roof itself. Of course there are various ways to access a roof, and a roof access hatch is a safe and simple option.

The primary school construction meets the stringent standards for the insulating value of the total structure. The upstand height of the Staka roof access hatch has been adjusted to fit the relatively thick insulation package that was utilized on the roof. The increased upstand makes the roof access hatch highly suitable for use on well-insulated roofs with thick insulation packages. And, of course, the thermal insulating value of the roof access hatch itself plays an important part in the building's insulation.

Whether you would like assistance in choosing the right roof access hatch for you, or are interested in a roof access hatch with an increased upstand for a thicker insulation package, feel free to contact us on 01789 330558

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