Staka Roof access hatch for production hall

While renovating the production hall and office, the facade cladding was replaced in order to give the company a new look and feel. Besides the facade cladding, the roofing was also replaced and a new roof access hatch was installed.

New roofing and roof access hatch

The decision was made to install a roof access hatch at the same time as replacing the roofing. The installation of the roof access hatch at the start of the roof renovation made life much easier for the roofer. It meant he didn’t need to hire an aerial work platform (AWP) or use a long ladder to climb up the outside of the building to gain access to the flat roof.

Roof access for maintenance

The roof access hatch has already turned out to be very useful after the construction phase, too. A roof access hatch with a ladder was chosen in this situation. The ladder can easily be removed and stored elsewhere, so it is not a permanent arrangement. Whenever access to the roof is required for roof maintenance, the ladder can simply be hooked onto the roof access hatch and the maintenance worker can climb safely onto the roof.

For the building owner, a roof access hatch helps to make welcome savings in a number of areas. For example, an AWP no longer needs to be hired for a roof inspection or maintenance work on roof systems as the expert can use the roof access hatch and a ladder to access the roof easily and quickly (which saves both time and money).

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