Roof hatch for accessing roofs of industrial buildings

Easy access to your flat roof is very useful when you need to perform a regular inspection of the roof or maintenance to the roof or rooftop installations. Roof hatches with ladders are commonly used in such cases because of the low purchasing costs and the easy access to the roof they provide. This was the case for this project.

Roof hatch with ladder: safe and low-cost

A roof hatch with ladder was chosen for this industrial building. In addition to the low purchase costs, roof hatches with ladders have the following benefits:

  • Ladders are suitable for all heights and sizes of roof access hatches
  • Ladders with an anti-slip surface can be hooked onto the step
  • Ladders are easy to store after use
  • Available in the following sizes: 900 x 700 mm, 900 x 900 mm, 1400 x 700 mm, 1500 x 900 mm, 2400 x 900 mm, and custom sizes
  • TÜV Product Certification

If you only need to access the roof access once or a few times a year, then the roof hatch with ladder is definitely recommended. If the roof hatch is to be installed in a public location such as in an office building, school, or hospital, then we recommend a roof hatch with retractable ladder.

Roof hatch with step and non-slip surface

At Staka, we think safe access to roofs is of vital importance. To prevent the ladder from slipping when using a roof hatch with ladder, we have developed a special step. The ladder is fitted with two hooks, so that users can hook the step onto the ladder to ensure the ladder cannot slip. The step is also fitted with an anti-slip surface to ensure safe entry to and exit from the roof hatch.

The step is a separate part that can easily be mounted onto the roof hatch. Our smart fastening mechanism for the upstand of the roof hatch means no drilling or screws are required in the roof floor. This solution is safe and saves on assembly time.

Advantages of a roof hatch with step:

  • The ladder is secured against slipping
  • The anti-slip surface ensures safe entry to and exit from the roof hatch
  • Smart step assembly does not require drilling and saves time
More information about a roof hatch

If you wish to submit a question or are looking for advice regarding roof hatches, If you would like to know more about the roof hatch and step, then please contact us on 01789 330558 or send an e-mail to

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