Staka Roof Hatch for Rabobank Bank Building

Roof access for maintenance 

A Staka roof access hatch has been installed at a bank building of the Rabobank in Etten-Leur (The Netherlands) to offer roof access for maintenance activities on the roof and roof-mounted equipment. The roof access hatches DL99 (clear width 900 x 900 mm) and DL97 (clear width 900 x 700 mm) are ideal roof access hatches for such maintenance activities.

Compact Roof Access Hatches

The roof access hatches are compact and offer sufficient space and safety for servicemen, roofers etc. to access the roof. The clear widths of 900 x 900 mm and 900 x 700 mm mean no large openings need to be made in the roof, offering advantages with regard to the supporting structure of the roof. Staka roof access hatches can therefore be used in a wide range of types of roofs.

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