Roof hatch solar panels

Roof hatch for maintenance and cleaning of solar panels

During the renovation the roof was fitted with new insulation and PV solar panels were installed. In order to obtain the best possible performance from the solar panels, it is important that the panels are cleaned regularly to prevent dirt build-up and a resulting lower yield. Safety is naturally of the utmost importance during cleaning of the solar panels and maintenance of the roof, and the existing roof access was inadequate: the roof hatch was unsafe, too small, too heavy to open, and uninsulated.

The old roof hatch was therefore replaced by a Staka roof hatch – a stainless steel roof hatch that is often used to provide safe roof access. The Staka roof hatch is fitted with gas pressure springs so the cover can be opened easily, and the roof hatch also offers ample access and grip while accessing and leaving the roof thanks to the handrail in the roof hatch cover.

Roof hatch with ladder and hook system

A roof hatch with a ladder and hook system was chosen for this project. The hook system secures the ladder to the roof hatch, making it impossible for the ladder to slip. This ensures safe roof access for the user.

The ladder of the roof hatch is easy to retract and hang on mounting brackets placed on the wall. Optionally, the mounting brackets can be fitted with a lock to prevent unauthorized removal of the ladder.

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