Roof hatches for a number of DHL branches

DHL is growing tremendously as the second-largest e-commerce transporter and as market leader in the business-to-business segment. As a result of this growth, DHL has opened a number of new branches to improve their network. In addition to new DHL Parcel branches, it is constructing new Service centers.

Roof hatches for roof maintenance

It is essential for buildings to have a roof access point or a roof hatch to ensure that maintenance can be performed on the roof and rooftop installations, such as air-conditioning systems. As servicemen require a safe way to access the roof, it is vital to take the following points into account when constructing roof access points:

  1. Installing the roof hatch at least four metres away from the edges of the roof, ensuring that the roof hatch is in the roof's safe zone.
  2. Ensure that the roof hatch is safe to go through by installing a ladder, retractable ladder or a fixed stairs.
  3. Make sure that you take the servicemen into account by installing a roof hatch that is big enough for them and their tools to fit through.
  4. Ensure you have roof safety system in place that servicemen can immediately hook into.

Safe roof access with a roof hatch

DHL already chose the safety of Staka’s roof hatches for a number of branches. At the locations, DHL chose a roof hatch with ladder. Staka's roof hatches are tested and have received TÜV Product Certification, ensuring that they are safe and good quality roof hatch solutions.

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