TopAccess Roof hatch for holiday resort in Germany

Resort Botalsee is a beautiful holiday resort in Germany, surrounded by greenery and close to the water. When building this resort, two items played a major role in the construction phase: sustainability and design. With this in mind, the energy efficient Staka TopAccess roof hatch was applied in this project. 

  • The TopAccess Roof Hatch reduces heat loss with the unique insulation value of U = 0.21 W / m²K. In addition, the roof hatch is TÜV certified.
  • The roof hatch provides easy and safe access to the roof.
  • The TopAccess roof hatch is easily and quickly installable. 

Roof hatch with ladder

In short: the Staka TopAccess roof hatch offers uncompromising roof access. In the Botalsee holiday resort, the roof hatch is used in combination with a ladder and hook-up step. The hook-on step is mounted in the curb of the roof hatch, after which the ladder is hooked to the step. This way, the ladder is stable and roof access is safe.

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