TopAccess roof hatch in sustainable offices

This job had clear specifications: there needed to be a safe and, most importantly, sustainable means of accessing the roof for maintenance. Energy loss needed to be kept to a minimum. The decision was made to use the Staka TopAccess Roof Hatch.

‘This roof access hatch offers the best insulation value. It was as simple as that.’

As a roofing specialist, Adax provides its services in new-build and renovation projects. Most of these projects involve buildings that will see a great deal of use in their lifetime, such as schools, hospitals, and offices. ‘I've heard disappointing stories about roof access hatches, with architects and engineers telling me they're just a source of heat loss. I like to prove the opposite, and Staka's products are a sure way of doing this. Staka thoroughly tests its roof access hatches, so you can be sure that the product does exactly what it says on the tin.’

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Others about Staka

‘I think it's necessary to have a certain degree of comfort, and I have full faith in Staka's products to deliver on that.´
, Patrick van Osta, Director of a roofing contractor