Roof access

Different options for roof access

Staka offers a complete line of roof access products. Roof access from Staka are developed to gain access to flat, and slightly sloping roofs (up to 40 degrees), for inspection and maintenance of the roof and installation that are placed on the roof. There are different ways to gain access to the roof. 

Roof access for entrance to a roof terrace

Different roof access products to make the roof accessible! Is the roof used for lounge purpose or any other similar purpose? Staka has a stylish entrance to a luxurious roof terrace. The roof access will then be fitted with a fully glazed cover and electrical operation. The glass has the best thermal. 

Explore roof access products

Explore the safe and cost efficient roof access products of Staka and use the online configurator for your quote.



Staka Roof Access Hatches are suitable for a wide range of applications: offices buildings, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, school, hospitals and much more. But they also ideally suited to create access to a rooftop terrace on a residential building.

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