Stairs and Ladders

Roof access hatches provide access to flat roofs for inspection and maintenance of the roof or of equipment installed on the roof. However, without a means of accessing the roof access hatch, the job is only half done. Staka roof access hatches can be combined with various types of ladders and stairs, ensuring fully integrated roof access.

Extension ladders

If you need to access the roof to perform inspections or repairs, you can hook a separate ladder on to the upstand of the roof access hatch. This provides a sturdy and safe means of accessing the roof. 

Staka SafeStepSystem

Only the Staka TopAccess roof access hatches with ladder are equipped with the SafeStepSystem. The last rung to the roof is easily installed in the upstand of the roof access hatch This halves the installation time, prevents construction defects, and makes for an attractively finished hatch. 

  • Safety standard for roof access hatch with ladder: The Staka roof access hatch with ladder satisfies the requirements of EN 131.

Ladder options

  • Security system: Use of the security system prevents vandals from removing the ladder. The top end of the ladder is secured to the step in the roof access hatch with a lock. 
  • Mounting system: This system consists of two aluminium brackets that are mounted to the wall. The ladder is hung on the brackets and then secured in place with the included padlock to prevent use by unauthorized people.
Roof access hatch with extension ladder

Retractable ladders

Retractable ladders are ladders that are fully integrated into the ceiling when folded up. Staka’s retractable ladders satisfy the European standard EN 14975:

  • Model: Completely assembled, including ceiling hatch and operating pole
  • Ceiling height: Max. 3250 mm
  • Installation: Can be built into roofs with a minimum roof thickness of 250 mm. If the roof is thinner, we recommend mounting the roof access hatch on an architectural upstand.
  • Distance between steps: ± 280 mm, depending on the ceiling height
  • Safety:
    • Equipped with a telescopic handrail for support while accessing the roof.
    • Ladder steps are equipped with anti-slip profile (dimensions: 340 x 120 mm)
  • Material: Stairs: Aluminium, Ceiling hatch: Wood, untreated


Installation of roof access hatch with retractable ladder

  • Staka’s retractable ladders are suitable for a maximum ceiling height of 3250 mm.
  • These retractable ladders can be combined with Staka roof access hatch models in 900 x 700 mm, 1400 x 700 mm, and 1500 x 900 mm.
Roof access hatch with retractable ladder