TopAccess roof hatch

Robust and sturdy

Staka's TopAccess roof access hatch also excels in terms of its quality, being able to withstand the fiercest of storms and keep water out even in hurricane conditions. The expected life of the TopAccess roof access hatch is reflected in its small carbon footprint.

The TopAccess roof access hatch has been tested for airtightness, waterproofness, bending and fall-through safety. 

Improved safety

Unfortunately, cutting through the roof insulation is an unavoidable step in mounting a roof access hatch. Simply put, we need to access the roof and that involves some sacrifices. Architects use roof access hatches sparingly in their designs so as to limit the amount of heat loss. The TopAccess provides a whole new range of options. The roof access hatch's high insulation values mean a greater focus can be given to safety and working comfort.

Aside from the clear advantages of high degree of fall-through safety, the robustness of the roof access hatch ensures that it will be good as new even after decades of use. TopAccess makes a world of difference for people who need to maintain and repair roofs and roof access hatches.

Unprecedented insulation properties

Staka TopAccess is the first roof access hatch with an effective thermally broken construction. An innovative intermediate profile separates the exterior and interior stainless steel meaning that a roof access hatch is no longer just a source of heat loss. The roof access hatch has an insulation value of U = 0.21 W/m2K.

The Staka TopAccess roof access hatch has an insulation level that is comparable to a solid, insulated roof. In concrete terms, this means a reduction in energy costs and a more comfortable temperature indoors.

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Staka Roof Access Hatches are suitable for a wide range of applications: offices buildings, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, school, hospitals and much more. But they also ideally suited to create access to a rooftop terrace on a residential building.

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