Inspection hatches

The roofing company working on a fully roof renovation for an industrial building has opted for a Staka DL99 inspection hatch (900x900 mm clear dimension). A safe access route to the roof is being created thanks to the combination with a two-part extension ladder and a stainless steel step in the upstand. The extention ladder is fitted with two hooks at the end of the ladder beams in order to secure the ladder to the upstand before going up the ladder and on to the flat roof. The inspection hatches are used for inspection of installations on the roof or the roof itself. 

Options for an inspection hatch

The inspection hatches are fitted with a fully insulated upstand as standard and delivered completely mounted and ready to install on the roof. There are several extra options that can be delivered with this product though. The inspection hatches are delivered with a euro cylinderlock including three keys. The cylinder can easily be replaced with your own cylinder, or a thumb turn cylinder if you do not wish to fully lock the hatch on the inside. The extension ladder that is delivered with the inspection hatch for this project can be delivered with a lock to prevent unauthorized people to take the ladder whilst being attached to the inspection hatch. When the ladder is not being used you can hang it on the wall, using the aluminium wall brackets.

Operation of inspection hatches

As standard the inspection hatches are fitted with two well-balanced out gas springs. This system ensures a smooth and safe operation of the cover. The cover automatically locks itself in open position for safety so it cannot shut itself by accident. All Staka's inspection hatches can also be fitted with electrical operation. This is includes two motors and a remote control.

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