From Universities to Apartment Buildings: Staka's Versatile Roof Hatch Solutions

The use of Staka roof hatches in commercial and industrial buildings offers a range of benefits to building owners and occupants. These roof hatches are designed to provide convenient access to roof spaces while ensuring a high level of insulation and weather resistance. The thermal break in the construction of Staka TopAccess roof hatches reduces heat loss, making them energy efficient and contributing to a more comfortable indoor environment.

Staka Glazed roof hatches can be used as an entrance for a rooftop terrace, providing a unique and attractive feature for house and apartment buildings. The glass roof hatch not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the building, but also allows for natural light to enter the interior, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The combination of functionality and aesthetics makes Staka roof hatches with glass an excellent choice for any commercial or industrial building.
In this blog, we aim to showcase the versatile applications of Staka roof hatches through a series of case studies. We will highlight the different building types and how Staka roof hatches provide a safe and secure access solution. To provide a full roof access solution, we also offer ladders and stairs as part of a complete package. Join us as we explore the versatility of Staka roof hatches.

Case Study 1: multi-functional presentation center

A multi-functional presentation center in the Netherlands needed a safe way of accessing the roof for maintenance purposes. To address this issue, they chose to install a Staka roof hatch in combination with a ladder.
This solution provided easy access to the roof for maintenance and inspections, while also ensuring the roof hatch remained secure when not in use. The installation of the Staka roof hatch allowed the presentation center to have reliable access to the roof, improving their ability to maintain and inspect their installations and saving costs on the yearly rental fee of AWP’s to access the roof for maintenance.

Case Study 2: Building a sustainable distribution center

In this case study, a distribution center utilized a roof hatch from Staka as a means of accessing their roof. The center needed a reliable solution for accessing the roof for maintenance purposes and the installation of equipment.

Sustainablilty had a prominent role in building the distribution center, making it a perfect fit for the Staka TopAccess roof hatch. After careful consideration the contractor decided to complete the Staka TopAccess roof hatch with a cage ladder for safe and efficient access to the rooftop.
The Staka roof hatch proved to be a successful solution for the distribution center, providing a reliable means of accessing the flat roof while meeting the necessary building codes and regulations. The roof hatch provided the center with a secure and durable access point to the roof, ensuring the safety of personnel when performing maintenance tasks or installing equipment.

Case Study 3: Roof Access for Solar Panel Maintenance on an apartment building

In the renovation project of an apartment building in Arnhem (NL), the goal was to improve the energy efficiency of the building. The 16-story building was upgraded to energy label A with improved insulation, heating, ventilation, and roof safety.

The renovation included the installation of new insulation and PV solar panels. To ensure optimal performance from the panels, regular cleaning is necessary to prevent dirt and debris from lowering their efficiency.

To ensure safety during maintenance and cleaning, Pelgrim Safety carried out various safety measures on the roof. The existing roof access was insufficient: the roof hatch was unsafe, too small, too heavy to open, and not insulated.

Therefore, the existing roof hatch was replaced with a Staka roof hatch to provide safe roof access. In this project, the roof hatch was combined with a ladder and anchoring system. The anchoring system ensures that the ladder is secured to the roof hatch, preventing it from sliding away. This provides the user with a safe roof access. The ladder of the roof hatch can be easily inserted and hung on the wall using hanging brackets.

Case Study 4: TopAccess Roof hatches for new university building

Staka recently supplied five TopAccess roof hatches to the Feringa Building of the Rijksuniversity Groningen. The roof hatches are made of stainless steel and offer a unique insulation value of U = 0.21 W/m2K, reducing heat loss through roof openings to a minimum. The roof hatches provide safe access to the roof for maintenance or inspections, including solar panels, without the need for accessing the roof with a ladder through the outside of the building, allowing for larger maintenance equipment to be taken up easily and safely through the roof hatch.


Case Study 5: Glazed roof hatches for access to a rooftop terrace

Staka was selected to provide three glass roof hatches for an apartment building in Berlin, Germany. The building, located in the central and trendy neighborhood of Friedrichshain, needed a solution to allow access to the rooftop terrace. The solution was three Staka glass roof hatches, which not only provide safe access but also offer a stylish and modern touch to the building's design.
In conclusion, Staka offers a wide range of roof hatches that cater to various building types, including apartment buildings, universities, and more. These roof hatches are not only functional, but also help to minimize heat loss and provide a secure means of accessing the roof. Additionally, Staka offers a complete roof access package, including ladders and stairs, to ensure full roof access for maintenance, inspection or any other necessary tasks. With high-quality materials and the ability to produce in-house, Staka's roof hatches provide a fast and reliable solution for all building types. Whether it's a glass roof hatch for an apartment complex or full stainless steel roof hatches for a university building, Staka is a trusted choice for ensuring safe and efficient roof access.

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